Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Blog Alert

Check it out! I've got a new blog all about sewing and fabric called Mini Mushrooms. This week I'm sharing photos and anecdotes from my trip to the Spring 2010 International Quilt Market and Festival.

This blog has been growing mold for a long time due to my lack of direction. Is it personal, is it business? I haven't decided yet, but for sure I'll keep posting photos of recent work and announce Lemonade Bags-related events. Stay tuned.

Here's a teaser of what's currently for sale at the Textile Center Shop - a handbag made with Echino fabric that's perfect for summer.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Oh, I should be sleeping. It's late and my baby girl will no doubt be up early tomorrow. The problem is, I got a new laptop and I just can't leave it alone. Our old laptop is an ancient 6 1/2 years old! It took forever to load photos, made creepy creaking noises, and streaming video was absolutely out of the question. Did I mention several keys were missing and the 's' key was always sticking?

I think it's safe to say I'll *finally* be making more blog posts now that I have a faster machine. 

Here are a few pics from our annual trip to Oregon to visit my mom.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Trunk show this Saturday night! I'll have cosmetic bags, reversible cloth napkins for kids (great for the lunch box) and kids' aprons. Custom order welcome. Or, just come over for a beverage and a snack.

3652 Harriet Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55409 US

When: Saturday, June 6, 6:30PM to 9:00PM
Phone: 612-41-8749

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Unfinished Business

Ugh. I think I have crafting ADD. Here's a list of current UNFINISHED projects languishing in my sewing room:

1. Kimono outfit for GC (see previous post)
2. Oh, Fransson! quilt-along. 95% of my blocks are done
3. 20-some boxy zipper pouches just need side seams reinforced
4. Need to make 2 straps for a large tote, then finish it up
5. Another bag is cut, but no sewing done yet
6. I cut out a blouse for myself, but made it too short and trying to decide how to salvage
7. Currently working on a new product - kids' aprons. Prototype is in the works
8. Fabric is washed and ironed and ready to cut a pouch sling


Friday, May 1, 2009

Raise your hand if you read blogs for the photos

Me, me!!! I must admit that I love "reading" blogs - well, ones written by fellow crafty types, anyway - but mostly for the photos. Anybody else? Coming soon - an all photo post of recent projects.

Speaking of photos... I've been trying to capture my daughter's black eyelashes. This is a big deal to me because I come from a long line of eyelash "challenged" people and I'm thrilled that Gwendolyn will not have to be a slave to mascara. So this is the best photo to date. I'm going to work on capturing her brothers' lashes, too, and will post soon. Anybody else obsessed with long, black lashes?

Finally, a shout out to Knittymama for lending me her baby swing. Gwendolyn takes long, delicious naps there which gives me time for luxuries such as SHOWERING, and yes, SEWING! Three cheers for the swing!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fabric Mania

Check out this gorgeous new Moda fabric. The line is called Wonderland - designed by MoMo. I found it this weekend and I also scored some wide whale olive/lime green corduroy to match that was 40% off. I'm envisioning GC wearing a cute Japanese-inspired top made from the circle fabric, a corduroy skirt and tights. For the first day of kindergarten, maybe?? Now that I think about it, I should have gotten enough fabric to make a "mommy and me" version. Lordy, what's happening to me?

I went to my favorite local fabric store on Saturday, Treadle Yard Goods, to get half a yard of lime green gingham for a skirt I'm making (for myself!). Nina, a very nice woman who works there, swooped in and grabbed GC. She held her while I shopped and even changed her diaper!! Can you believe it? Talk about service. No wonder it's my favorite store in the whole world. I left with 6 1/2 yards of fabric. Ugh.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


No, not my baby girl, but rather this kimono outfit (see photo). It's not quite done, but close.

Please don't think I'm complaining. My sincerest gratitude to the designer, Tina Givens. Drafting a pattern is no easy task for sure, but ugh! I knew I was in trouble when the directions read: "Sew piece H to piece F", but there was absolutely no piece H!! What the heck?

I ended up making a number of changes to the original pattern and probably should have made more. I omitted the big collar because I imagined my babe trying to latch on to it the whole time. Eventually, I dumped the sewing instructions altogether and just did it my own way. And there's a reason why the front and back of pant legs are not identical. Where is my baby's butt going to go?? Not to mention the rise isn't high enough to make a waist band. Okay, enough griping.

Sewing this outfit has been a good learning experience. I made continuous bias strip for the first time and that was super cool. I also feel more confident making changes to patterns and I have a new appreciation for what goes into drafting a quality pattern. Regardless, the outfit is really cute, no?